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[PHOTO.1] Hirohito YAMADA, Professor [PHOTO.2] Nobuyuki MATSUDA, Associate Professor
[PHOTO.3] Naomi UCHIYAMA, Research Associate

With the rapid spread of broadband internet access, network traffic is explosively increasing. Therefore, development of high-performance and low-power-consumption network equipments is strongly desired. On the other hand, upgrading performance of LSI chips such as microprocessers is slowing down. To overcome these situations, we have to develop innovative technologies such as microphotonic devices, high-density photonic integrated circuits and on-chip optical data communication. In our laboratory, we study the following subjects.

1. Research on realizing high-density photonic integrated circuit

We study high-density photonic integrated circuits for use in high-speed data communication between LSI chips as well as photonic network systems. Microphotonic devices and optical wiring with nanometer-scale cross-sectional optical waveguides are key issue for the research on the high-density photonic integration.

2. Research on microphotonic devices

We study microphotonic devices such as optical switches, optical modulators, wavelength multiplexer/demultiplexers, light emitters and photo diodes that construct photonic integrated circuits. In particular, microphotonic devices based on Si-wire waveguide will play an important role of on-chip data communication by merging with CMOS electric circuits.

3. Research of controlling lightwave with microphotonic elements

We study lightwave control with microphotonic elements such as photonic crystals. Light localization as well as lightwave propagation can be controlled with the photonic elements. These photonic elements will blaze a trail in realizing innovative photonic devices.

4. Research on photonic network subsystems

Toward realizing future photonic network systems that route optical data signals without converting to the electric signals in the network nodes, we study innovative photonic devices, photonic integrated circuits and photonic subsystems used for the photonic network systems.

Group of Electrical Engineering, Communication Engineering,
Electronic Engineering, and Information Engineering, Tohoku University
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