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[PHOTO.1] Takuo SUGANUMA, Professor [PHOTO.2] Toru ABE, Associate Professor

In recent years, information communication systems tend to be large-scale and complex systems which consist of many kinds of sensors, sensor networks, hand-held devices, wireless networks, etc, in addition to the traditional computers and wired networks. In order to utilize these systems effectively in our daily lives, the new system construction methodology based on a new design paradigm beyond user-centered computing should be essential. Aiming to establish the communication environment where human, society and environment perform mutual collaboration, we are promoting the following research and development.

  1. Human-harmonic Information Communication Infrastructure
    To utilize many kinds of entities such as computers, devices, networks, software components, etc, effectively, we have proposed the methods to combine those entities with software agents. The human-harmonic information communication infrastructure can be constructed with the cooperative behavior of the agents. Based on these methods, we are developing several application systems (e.g., cyber-physical integration system, supervisory system for elderly people, green-oriented ICT, etc.).
  2. Intelligent Processing Technologies of Multimedia Information Resources
    To achieve advanced multimedia information resource processing, we have proposed the methods for dividing a information resource into several parts and integrating the individual processing results of them. Based on these concepts, we are developing a parallel 3D shape reconstruction method with multi-camera stereo, human motion recognition method with partial silhouette images, chromosome image recognition method with subregion search iteration, etc.
Group of Electrical Engineering, Communication Engineering,
Electronic Engineering, and Information Engineering, Tohoku University
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