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[PHOTO.1] Hiroki SHIZUYA, Professor    
[PHOTO.2] Masao SAKAI, Associate Professor [PHOTO.3] Shuji ISOBE, Associate Professor
[PHOTO.4] Eisuke KOIZUMI, Assistant Professor [PHOTO.5] Shingo HASEGAWA, Assistant Professor

The laboratory is in the Education Center for Information Processing, one of the computing center of the university. A sophisticated computing environment is available in the laboratory. Our main research projects are of Computer Science and described as follows:

1. Theoretical Computer Science

The field of study on the fundamental and theoretical issues of computer science is known as theoretical computer science, which includes computational complexity theory, cryptology, foundation of programming languages. A lot of questions remain open in this field. Our technical activity is to find interesting questions, to invent them sometimes by ourselves, and to attempt to solve them. Specifically, cryptology is a rich source of complexity-theoretic questions on number theory or algebraic geometry. For example, we characterize the difficulty of cracking a cryptosystem. We are also interested in how closely the followings link to each other: definable functions in proof theory, functional programming languages, and encryption functions.

2. Information Security

Information security is very important as one of the fundamental techniques of communication. Information security techniques include cryptography, digital signatures and user authentication. These techniques ensure the confidentiality, the authenticity of messages and/or message signers, and the authenticity of users accessing to the system, respectively. They are utilized in electronic money, electronic voting and various other things, which means the field of information security has close relation with our social activities. Software protection and digital watermark are also important topics in order to prevent illegal use of information. For the study of information security the notions and techniques of Cryptology, Computational Complexity, Number Theory, Information Theory, Computer Networking and several other related areas are turned to use.

Group of Electrical Engineering, Communication Engineering,
Electronic Engineering, and Information Engineering, Tohoku University
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