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Mini Super Clean-Room

The Mini Super Clean Room was constructed in September, 1989 and is locatedin the north reseach area of electric and communication course building of faculty of engineering, Tohoku University. This cleanroom was completed thanks to the donation of facilities and Technical contributions offered by the "ULSI Technical Education PromoteCooperation" conjointly with 12 companys concerned about semiconductor manufacturing. The extension of the clean room area was completed in April, 1995 and high performance equipments for analysis were aquired.

The MSCR was build following the same concept as the Super Clean Room. The SCR of the RIEC at Tohoku University was completed following newly developed, advanced ultra clean technologies, that make it reputable not only in Japan, but in all over the world. Therefore the MSCR is considered as a high class clean room, especially ultra clean gas distribution systems and ultra pure water supply systems, which are basically and technically very important for the material and processing research. In addition to its performant and varied facilities, as proven by the almost daily visits paid to the MSCR by researchers and manufactureres from Japan as well as from aboard.

The research work promoted in the MSCR includes a wide range of items such as semiconductor technology from basic technologies to high performance processing and device manufacturing technologies, magnetic media processing research and so on.

As mentioned above, in the Mini Super Clean Room, high performance equipmets were successfully introdued, and the research items and results are widly noticed in the world. Since, mini super clean room performs a very excellent facility environment and contributes thepromotion of the education and research for high performace electric and electronic device systems toward next generation and beyond.

The features of Mini Super Clean Room

An efficient energy saving design for air conditioning and particle filtlation systems

Air conditioning and particle filtlation system

Air conditioning system located outside of the clean room controls temperature and humidity inthe mini super clean room and most of particles are fillated there. The circulation of clean room air is done as follows.

Fresh air is introduced to the clean room through FFUs (Fan Filter Units) located on the sealing and locally evacuated through a return area parted with conductive vinyl curtain. The frequency of clean room air circulation is 100/hr and the cleanliness is 0 to 10/cf at a particle size of >0.1µm diameter. By the control of the fresh and exhaust air flow rate, the runing cost of clean room is effectively reduced while keeping a high level cleanliness in the clean room. To prevent electrostatic charge problems, all inner walls of the clean room were treated by a conductive materials.

Ultra Clean Gas Distribution System

The MSCR is equipped with an all metal valves tubing system that is the first "perfect plastic-free gas distribution system" in the world.

The system components such as stainless steel tubes, valves, and fittings, were all passivated by dry oxidation, which resuts in the suppression out gasing from the inner suface of the tubing system.

The installing time of the system was much shortened because of the introduction of a newly developed construction technique. After the system construction, the moisture concentration in the gases was reduced to below 1ppb.

Ultra Pure Water Supply System

The Mini Super Clean Room has three UPW supply systems and each systemhas different design and tubing materials. And each system supplies a very high quality UPW. By using the catalitic method, the concentration of dissolved oxgen is reduced to below 10ppb and the TOC (Total Organic Carbon) elimination technique was performed using a combination of UV oxidation and anion resin films. Moreover, the ultra pure water sub-system, was equipped with stainless steel tubing componentstreated by dry-oxgen passivation.

High Performance Analysis and Evaluation Equipments

In the mini super clean room, high performance equipments are available. Espcially, surface analysis equipments having a very high resolusion and sensitivities are located in the extension clean area such as XPS, TRXRF, AFM, FESEM, FT-IR and so on. They contribute to the promotion ofnew research works and analysis and evaluation works.

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