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[PHOTO.1] Hiroshi KANAI, Professor [PHOTO.2] Mototaka Arakawa, Associate Professor
[PHOTO.3] Shohei MORI, Assistant Professor

This laboratory has already developed a new ultrasonic-based method, namely, the phased tracking method, to accurately track the movement of the heart wall and arterial wall based on both the phase and magnitude of the demodulated signals to determine the instantaneous position of an object. By using off-line systems and a real-time system developed in our laboratory, change in the thickness of the myocardium and the arterial wall is noninvasively measured.

Figure 1 shows the tracking results for the heart wall which are superimposed on the M(motion)-mode image. The thickness change of the heart wall is also displayed (color-coded image). From the regional change in thickness of the heart wall, spatial distribution of myocardial motility and contractility can be evaluated.

For the arterial wall, its local elasticity can be evaluated by referring to the blood pressure. In Fig. 2, the measured elastic modulus is color-coded and superimposed on the cross-sectional B(brightness)-mode image. Such a information of mechanical property of the atherosclerotic plaque is useful for diagnosis of its vulnerability. Forthermore, the rapid response of the change in wall thickness of the carotid artery to the dose of the nitroglycerine (NTG) can be evaluated by our method for diagnosis of extremely early-stage atherosclerosis. This new measurement method offers potential for quantitative diagnosis of myocardial motility, atherosclerosis, and the transient evaluation of the rapid response of the cardiovascular system to physiological stress.

The current main subjects are as below:

  1. Medical ultrasonic electronics
  2. Digital signal processing and its applications to medicine and biology
  3. Development of new diagnostic techniques with ultrasound
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