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[PHOTO.1] Keiichi ITOI, Professor [PHOTO.2] Tatsuya SATO, Associate Professor
[PHOTO.3] Katsuya UCHIDA, Assistant Professor

The brain controls the whole body organs and is equipped with a variety of regulatory systems in order to cope with various conditions an organism may encounter. The autonomic nervous system and endocrine system, for example, regulate blood pressure, heart rate, body temperature, or hormone levels, and these systems are regulated by respective centers of the brain. The hypothalamus, among other areas of the brain, is the most important, and the main theme of Itoi Lab is to explore how the hypothalamus, in relationship with other brain regions, regulates the autonomic and endocrine regulation.

The neurons are most important players in maintaining the brain function. They are highly developed cells, and numerous proteins are synthesized according to the genomic codes on DNA. Neurons are connected to each other and provide an electric circuit, constituting one of the most important functional units of the brain.

In order to analyze this complex brain structure and function, Itoi Lab has developed a mouse model in which a function of a specific neuron species is hampered. In addition, a method was developed to collect a neuron species from a specific brain region, and started analyses of gene expression profiles using those neurons. In parallel with analyses of mRNAs, proteins, or electric phenomena, animal behavior and stress responses are studied in order to understand the brain function from multiple facets.

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