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Information Content [Kitamura] Laboratory


photo Yoshifumi KITAMURA, Professor
Kazuki TAKASHIMA, Associate Professor
Kazuyuki Fujita, Assistant Professor

Good media content has the power to enrich our lives. The effectiveness of content delivery is becoming more and more important in a wide variety of fields, such as industry, education, culture, entertainment, and so on. Expectations of its use in the general public are also increasing.

We are conducting comprehensive research on a variety of content areas to create new value by uniting information and communications technologies. We focus on non-traditional content areas other than movies, music, and games.

Research topics:

We are conducting research on technologies related to interactive content which creates new value through interactions with humans.

  1. Displays and 3D Interaction Technologies
    Vision plays a central part in displaying information accurately, and this research aims to find ways to make better use of this fact in user interface design. (Fig. 1).
  2. Interactive Video Content
    This research deals with effectively creating new interactive content from real video taken by video cameras or computer-generated animations. (Fig. 2)
  3. Modeling and Controlling the °»Atmosphere°… in a Conversation Space
    By exploring means of sensing and analyzing changes in the "atmosphere" in a conversation space, this research focuses on methods for stimulating this atmosphere by supplying real-time feedback to the users.
  4. Design and Evaluation of Novel Interaction Techniques
    This research project focuses on designing and evaluating novel interaction techniques on target selection for variety types of displays including large and touch displays.
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