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Communication Network Systems [Hasegawa] Laboratory


photo Go HASEGAWA, Professor
Gen KITAGATA, Associate Professor

Information network system is now ubiquitously spread in the world to support everyday life and social activities of people, and it becomes a key factor to create new life styles as well as information society. This laboratory aims at research and development of advanced information network systems from theory to implementation.

Research topics:

  1. Highly reliable, high performance, and highly available information network
  2. Design and control mechanisms of virtualized network/system
  3. Next-generation mobile network architecture
  4. Performance evaluation techniques for advanced information network
  5. Knowledge based network middle-ware / Application software
  6. High tolerability networking / Intelligent networking
  7. Next generation ubiquitous service infrastructure
Group of Electrical Engineering, Communication Engineering,
Electronic Engineering, and Information Engineering, Tohoku University
6-6-05, Aramaki Aza Aoba, Aoba-ku, Sendai, Miyagi 980-8579, Japan
TEL : 022-795-7186 (Japanese Only)
Email :