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Solid State Electronics System [(Shigeo Sato)-Fukidome] Laboratory


photo Hirokazu FUKIDOME, Assistant Professor
Fuminori Sasaki, Research Fellow

To realize the ubiquitous (or ambient intelligence) society, in which sensors and their networks are embedded in our ambience to support our daily life, a marriage between non-Si technologies suitable for environmental sensing and the Si technology suitable for signal processings is indispensable. To this goal, we investigate formation of ultrathin silicon-carbide (SiC) films on Si substrates, hoping to use them as a common interface between the two technologies. SiC is a group-IV compound that contains a pair of elements representative of both electronics (Si) and biology & nanoelectronics (ex. graphene) (C). It also bridges the gap between Si and other II-VI or III-V compounds. It is a widegap semiconductor that enables high-temperature operations. High enough strength and hardness of SiC make this material suitable for use in MEMS structures. We are developing gas-sensors, graphene-based ultrahigh-speed devices, LEDs, biosensors, MEMS structures, non-volatile memories, and photovoltaic cells based on the SiC/Si structures. What lies behind these applications is our original technology of SiC gas-source molecular-beam epitaxy (MBE) using organo-silane, which enables a high-quality, low-temperature SiC epitaxy on Si substrates. Our research covers the surface chemistry of Si-related surfaces, targeted to the control of nanostructure formation on Si and SiC surfaces. Fabrication of non-equilibrium Si structures such as amorphous-, microcrystalline-, and poly-Si thin films is also within our interests, and is being intensively investigated using atmospheric-pressure plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition (AP-PECVD).

Research topics:

  1. Surface reconstruction of Si surfaces and fabrication of nanostructures
  2. Surface chemistry during oxidation and film-deposition on Si-related surfaces and development of nanofabrication processes
  3. Formation of SiC films on Si substrate and their applications to ubiquitous devices
  4. Formation of graphene-on-Si structure and development of ultrahigh speed devices
  5. Fabrication of non-equilibrium Si structures using AP-PECVE and their applications to photovoltaic cells and thin-film transistors for flexible displays
Group of Electrical Engineering, Communication Engineering,
Electronic Engineering, and Information Engineering, Tohoku University
6-6-05, Aramaki Aza Aoba, Aoba-ku, Sendai, Miyagi 980-8579, Japan
TEL : 022-795-7186 (Japanese Only)
Email :