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[PHOTO.1] Qiang CHEN, Professor [PHOTO.2] Keisuke KONNO, Associate Professor
[PHOTO.3] Hiroyasu SATO, Assistant Professor

In our laboratory, following researches are being carried out on electromagnetic wave, antennas, and analysis method of the electromagnetic field.

(1) Antennas for the Next Generation Mobile Communication System

Our research focuses on antennas for wireless communications systems over microwave and millimer-wave bands. Wideband antennas for base stations, reflectarrays, and antennas made of a liquid crystal or glasses are under study.

(2) Novel Smart Antenna Systems

A novel smart antenna system has been developed. Our research interests include so-called smart-shelf systems, smart-meter systems, high-performance wireless power transfer systems, and energy-harvesting systems.

(3) Fast and Accurate Electromagnetic Measurement Method and Source Estimation Techniques

A fast and accurate measurement system for electromagnetic waves and source reconstruction techniques have been developed. High sensitivity antenna for electric field measurement inside human body, diagnosis technique for defective antenna elements, and millimeter-wave passive imaging techniques have been developed.

(4) Fast and Accurate Numerical Method for Computational Electromagnetics

Fast and novel numerical analysis techniques for large-scale electromagnetic problems are of our interests. Our developed algorithm and powerful supercomputers enable us to deal with large-scale microstrip array antennas, antennas in the vicinity of dielectric objects, and reflectarrays efficiently.

(5) Mutual Interaction between Electromagnetic Wave and Human Body

Effect of human body on antennas should be clarified and antennas in the vicinity of human body should be designed carefully. Our group has dedicated extensive efforts to in-body/on-body antennas for health care devices and method of moments based on volume integral equations.

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