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[PHOTO.1] Terumasa AOKI,Associate Professor

Digital content is becoming one of a new culture in our lives. As digital content technologies grow, our lives will be more cultural and more enjoyable in many fields such as education, commerce/advertisement, art, welfare and medical science etc as well as entertainment (digital TV, digital cinema, computer games, mobilephone apps, web apps etc). Under this situation, our lab are tackling the researches on innovative intellectual processing methods for digital content. Especially we focus on "ditial content creation technologies", "digital content understanding technologies" and "ditigal content distribution technologies".

Creation, Comprehension & Distribution of Digital Content

We are developing new technologies about intelligent processes through lifecycles of digital content (creation, archiving, distribution, protection and consumption).

  1. Digital Content Creation Technologies
    Simple content creation technologies for all kinds of people such as automatic 3DCG animation creation system only by scenario input (Fig.1) and digital cloth fitting room (Fig.2) etc.
  2. Digital Content Comprehension Technologies
    High-level content comprehension technologies such as automatic metadata generation for video retrieval, 3D model reconstruction and objectionable content detection etc.
  3. Digital Content Distribution Technologies
    Secure/safe or other kinds value-added content distribution technologies such as high-efficient video coding, content protection, cyclic broadcasting for content distribution etc.
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